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Two teenage would-be burglars, called J and B at trial, cut the power to Anne Redman's home on January 25, , thinking it was empty. J broke in through the bathroom window - when the year-old went to investigate the sound of glass smashing, she saw B crouching behind a bin. He punched her in the face, breaking her neck. J then went to their car, retrieving a blunt hunting knife. Ms Redman was alive as they used the knife. At trial the boys blamed each other as the instigator of the horrific murder.

The court heard J returned from the car and asked why B hadn't knocked her out. B replied, "I'm not going to knock her out, I'm going to kill her.

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The boys - the year-old son of a policeman and his friend, 16, were arrested months later. In November , fourteen people died when Roger Dean, a nurse who was drug dependent and trying to cover up his theft of prescription drugs, set alight their nursing home. Dean pleaded guilty to 11 counts of murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Dean had been moved sideways from his previous job after an incident that spurred concerns about patient safety.

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Alma was one of three people who died at the scene of the November 18 fire. Her daughter Donna Austin said her mother loved nothing more than spending time with her family. She said the pain and sadness of the murder cannot be overstated. Alma's son Ian said he could never forgive Dean for his mother's death. Verna Webeck was one of 11 children. She was said to have lived a tough life, but never complained. Eleven days after the fire, Verna died in a Sydney hospital while undergoing treatment for severe injuries, including burns and smoke inhalation.

During Dean's sentencing hearing, Verna's daughter described the pain of losing her mother. Caesar died in the days after the fire after from the damage caused to his body by smoke inhalation. During Dean's sentencing hearing, Caesar's daughter Rosanna Shepherd detailed her father's suffering. Caesar's wife died just a few months after losing her husband to the fire. I believed she died of a broken heart," Ms Rynne said. Kyla died of starvation and neglect at the hands of her parents, Harry and Angela Puhle, on March 19, She was 27 years old.

Six months before she died, her parents stopped taking her to her day program and stopped accessing other disability supports. They left her in a beanbag and went to work — Angela in her job as a school principal, Harry as a teacher. Kyla died of malnutrition and pneumonia. When they found her body, it weighed only 15 kilos. Harry shot himself before he could be tried. Angela pleaded guilty to manslaughter and walked free from court.

In an expose by Background Briefing in , the sentencing judge, John Sulan, said that he didn't believe Kyla could provide as much 'joy' for her parents as an abled person. Listen to the podcast here. Adelaide mother spared jail over malnutrition manslaughter of disabled daughter Former school principal Angela Puhle receives suspended sentence for manslaughter of disabled daughter. From the Guardian Deaths Inside database - TJ was found dead in his cell at Albany regional prison on 19 January , a month before he was due to be released.

His death was consistent with epileptic seizures, which he had suffered since he was He was receiving medication to manage his epilepsy in prison but the results of some recent tests that showed lower levels of those drugs in his system were not picked up by his treating doctor. The coroner recommended funding for an electronic medical records system, which has since been put in place at prisons in Western Australia. Elliott had a 'fondness for knives' and used drugs.

The pair had been friends for some years and Elliott lived in a shed on his property until about three days before the murder. Elliott was schizophrenic and Allan Heath is described as 'an invalid, with limited mobility' - Elliot had cared for him, the judge said, and protected him during drug deals at the house. Allan kicked Christopher Elliot out, calling him a drug dealer, and a few days later Elliott turned up with a knife.

He doused Allan in petrol and stabbed him in the abdomen, perforating his liver and slicing his portal vein. He was found in a pool of blood with a 15cm stab wound, and died in hospital a few hours later. From the Guardian Deaths Inside database - LV went into respiratory failure while he was being held down, handcuffed and injected with a sedative, midazolam. LV had gone to hospital seeking help on 13 April because he was hearing voices telling him to kill someone.

It is alleged when he arrived at the mental health unit he struck a medical student. LV was then restrained face down by up to eight hospital staff and four police. His death rasied questions around the use of sedatives like midazolam, as well as the use of prone restraint and the availability of Indigenous mental health practioners. LV's grieving family asked why he was not admitted to hospital when he tried to give himself in to health authorities. She was depressed and grief stricken - her fiance, Alan, had died exactly six months earlier. Potter was jailed for 24 years and Gibson was jailed for 20 years after murdering Penny in her Boronia apartment.

She was shot three times in the head and stabbed in the heart, before her throat was cut. Moments before her death, she pleaded with Gibson not to kill her after he produced a sawn off shotgun, begging, 'Don't, don't. You don't have to do this.

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Gibson told Potter to make sure she was dead and Potter stabbed and slashed Penny's throat. From the Guardian's Deaths Inside database - MMT died of organ failure caused by sepsis at Rockhampton hospital on 14 May , eight days after being arrested by police for breaching his parole conditions.

He spent one night in Rockhampton watch house before being taken to Capricornia correctional centre, where his condition deteriorated over three days until he was transferred to hospital. He was a Birrigubba man and respected tribal elder and his loss was deeply felt by his community. At the inquest the coroner recommended Offender Health Services review and update their alcohol withdrawal protocols, which it says it has now done. Issues raised included medical care required but not all given, procedures not all followed. Her decomposing body was found in April - the pathologist was unable to ascertain the cause of death.

The perpetrators assaulted her, put a rope around her neck and dragged her. She was tortured for many hours including having a cigarette lighter held to her fingers, being choked and having her head jumped on. Janet was a 77 year old woman who died in Mt Lloyd, Tasmania, on July 23, Her daughter and son in law forced her to live in an uninsulated sea container on their property in midwinter so they could make room in their home for boxes of their belongings.

The temperature dropped below freezing and she died of hyperthermia. The perpetrators, Jassy Anglin and Michael Anglin, pleaded guilty to death by culpable negligence and received a two year suspended sentence. DJ died from an extremely rare colloid cyst in the brain, which obstructed the flow of his cerebrospinal fluid resulting in his seizure and sudden death in August He had presented to the prison hospital six times in five months complaining of increasingly severe headaches accompanied by blurred vision.

He was occasionally given Panadol but no further tests or treatment.

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He collapsed at Darwin correctional centre on 10 August and was transported to hospital but died the next day. The coroner found that DJ may have had a greater chance of survival if the cyst in his brain been detected and properly treated. She was found a few metres away from her wheelchair and they said she died of smoke inhalation. Less than a day later, her husband put in an insurance claim on the house.

Eight years after her death on April 22, , he was supposed to appear in court, on trial for her murder.

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This week, he was supposed to go to court. But on the day of the court hearing, he killed himself. Elizabeth was Zlatko "Boris" Svetina, who was jailed for 11 years for defensive homicide, turned the power off before entering his father Tomislav Svetina's home late at night. Boris had worked in community care and nursing and spent many years working with people with disabilities and in crisis accommodation units.

Svetina easily prised the hatchet from his frail year-old father's grip and used it against him in a brutal fashion. He struck his father about 10 times to the head and face, including at least three times while he lay or crouched on the floor, then left him to die. Mr Svetina had told a family friend he feared his son and kept the hatchet beside his bed for protection, the Victorian Supreme Court heard.

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He blamed his son for his marriage breaking up and for him being jailed for assaulting his wife, Zlatko's mother. He was found to have killed his father four months after the older man was freed from jail for assaulting his wife over suspicions she was chatting to other men on the internet. Justice Nettle said it was easy to see the pain that Mr Svetina's behaviour towards his mother would have caused Zlatko Svetina. Suellen was a disability pensioner and loved her son Stephen so much she changed her will to leave him all her worldly possessions. Weeks later, he murdered her. Her body was never found.

Zahra had her leg amputated as a result of cancer five years prior and had moved to the US with her father.

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  • A complicated series of lies were told by her father to cover up her disappearance - he was never charged. But her stepmother, who confessed to desecrating and hiding her stepdaughter's body, was jailed for eighteen years. Zahra's body was identified by her prosthetic leg. Amanda Allison Gilbert was only 47 years old when she died as a result of bronchopneumonia and chronic renal failure.

    The young mother had a mental illness and acquired her brain injury during a psychotic episode when she was She had jumped from an upstairs window with a mattress thinking that she was on a surfboard a few months before, was unhurt and then tried to hang herself. She had acquired a brain injury and therefore there was nowhere for Amanda to be placed in WA, the Coroner said.

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    No other facility - other than Graylands, the State's oldest and most run down psychiatric hospital - was willing to take her. They sent Amanda to a lot of places, although they said 'attempts were made to locate an alternative'. One of those 'alternatives' was an aged care facility.