Cuckolded (An 8-Pack of Carefully Crafted Cuckolding Stories)

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I can honestly say when I see a women out there doing big things , Not only just career wise but also at home holding it down I go into full admiration mode. I have girlfriends who also hold it down with both said hats and I have to say I hold them to a huge regard, balance is not my strong point but some of these queens make it look too easy.

Often we as women forget just how important it is to not only applaud each other but at the same time applaud ourselves. We place a giant emphasis on constantly striving for perfection while almost forgetting to acknowledge all the accolades we already have big or small. We minimize our successes usually without even intending to, and compare ourselves with total strangers most of whom we do not know from a bar of soap. I only hope that one day we women are able to distinguish the importance of promoting and living self-love as well as love for one another.

The day we can do this without being labelled as an ultra-feminist or male hater is the day women will begin to truly understand and accept not only themselves but each other. After all there really is room for every single queen to shine! Shiri Zinn is a high end designer who creates luxury sex toys and vibrators. The artistic creations are all made with the thought to challenge preconceived prejudice notions of sexuality and to place on display with glamour and luxury in mind, encouraging men and women to explore, play and discover a new world of sexuality.

One amazing aspect about her creations, is that some of her carefully created designs are made in limited quantities like the Limited Edition Couture Collection. Owner, designer and manufacturer. Nobody inspires me. I inspire myself!

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I am a pioneer type designer. I am inspired by nature, beautiful things and originality. Celebrities have always found me without my help. When a designer is first in the world to do something new and different this occurs organically! Because they were so badly designed with no finesse when I pioneered the idea of designer sex toys in When designed in the creative and high end manner then yes it can be and is portrayed and depicted in those arenas as such, and also as ART. Good question! Not all my work is food related only 2 of my many pieces.

However both those pieces are naughty sugar pieces. We need to lighten up in the area of seduction and sometimes the cutest, most seductive looking treats can actually cause loads of laughter and intrigue psychologically in the bedroom…. You get an entire range of reactions…. Makes the world a lighter, brighter place! What a charming question! To create things for the sensual pleasures of touch and sight are an awesome experience. It gives so much pleasure just knowing I have thought about every curve, bend, diamante, reflection or detail of craftsmanship in a piece of mine.


To design luxury leaves one feeling privileged! My product range is completely varied. My straps are among the most luxury items in the world for their genre and all handmade with matching ceramic dildos adorned with real 8 carat gold leaf fired motifs. Some glass and crystal items are Limited Editions bought by A-listers and fine art collectors. They are very usable and create amazing G-Spot orgasms; while others are far more affordable luxury adorned with real Swarovski crystals.

Here's to Wolves of all classes !

They all come in precious, beautiful boxes whatever price level of glass is chosen! I also have a stunning new BDSM range that can be seen on the new website soon. Finally there are 3 beautiful designer vibrators: The i-Scream is USB operational with 1 year warrantee, very powerful and stunning to behold, complete with retro wire display stand and vintage Jazz playing music box. There is also the fancy Minx Designer Vibrator that possibly comes in the most luxurious packaging for any diva!

This is owned by several A-listers too!

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  • This pop art functional piece comes with batteries included and can be discreetly placed on your kitchen shelf. It has sold in the masses to Australia and still gets amazing press from Cosmo to Elle worldwide! But at some point, does anybody ask why?

    Kenny Cooper (Author of Advanced Maya)

    Does anybody question or delve deeper to find out why it keeps being brought up? Some people need validation, they need to feel as though their problems, issues or concerns are fully understood by the person who hurt them. All you need to do is validate that what you did was wrong in one way or another to them, so they can feel as though you truly are trying to reflect on their concerns. The power of validation is a huge power to hold. Unprocessed emotions can have a bubble up affect and unless they are dealt with in a way they are comfortable with they become a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

    Negativity is just unprocessed emotions, try not to take it personally sometimes there is a process of emotions that they need to go through first before they are able to fix it. Trying to validate an issue without being the winner of the argument is a tough one to navigate. You need to do this with an open mind, not the mindset of always being right, your aim is to repair the damage, not cause it to become worse.

    This means not becoming defensive when you feel something is not going the way you want it too. When someone is emotionally processing an issue, is does not mean that every time they are emotional it is directed at you. Insecurities in relationships are the biggest hurdle to overcome especially when there is something significant they feel is lacking. Have a conversation about it! This leads to subtle expressions and hints being over thought about and thus jumping to conclusions.

    Most of the time we let issues bottle up until something small happens and it all comes crashing down together, this could be due to fear about how you will take it or maybe they are still hurting about a certain situation and struggle to bring it up. Rarely ignoring a situation will ever make the issue go away, this leads to unpredictable bouts of aggression and hurt that is highly unnecessary and may be the reason you feel as though you are constantly walking on egg shells.

    Trying to defend yourself while also trying to fix the situation never works, you both need to work together, take note of how you are feeling and ask yourself why you are feeling those emotions. Do not bottle them up until one small thing makes you break, because then something that is tiny might be perceived as a big issue, express what you need in the moment and work on it. However, there was a time when people were spanking all over town. While some people find this kink a little odd, there are thousands of people who enjoy erotic spanking.

    Why am I sharing this with you? Spanking is not a new trend, the first recorded image or depiction of sexual spanking in Tomba della Fustigazione , or the Tomb of Whipping and actually backdates to BC. Spanking is depicted through Greek and Egyptian cultures as well as mention in Karma Sutra in the Indian culture.

    Cuckold Fluffing and Practices Discussed (Compilation)

    Spanking moved through the Renaissance and Victorian eras with a common underground culture of sexual spanking found in Victorian history. There you go, your spank lesson over! Firstly, and most importantly: Permission is important! Never ever spank anyone without their consent, like — ever. Adding to that you should ask before you spank not after. Her voice reverberated into the bedroom.

    …And I Show You How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes

    Lifting his head from the pillow he listened carefully to her conversation. Julia smiled as she reached into his boxers, cupping his balls in her hand before zig-zagging her tongue across his shaft.

    Holding the side of her face, Jacob struggled to speak. Jacob is just being stupid. Resisting the urge to cum, Jacob managed to keep himself hard while Julia finished talking with her friend. With one hand on his shaft and the other massaging his nuts, Julia bit her lip seductively. Too excited to be upset, Jacob gave a halfhearted laugh before running with it.