Good Laboratory Practice: the Why and the How

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We assess competence and impartiality of laboratories and certification or inspection bodies, to give you confidence in their services. For any document search, go to the documentary space. Assessing good laboratory practices GLP.

Good Laboratory Practices Standards Compliance Monitoring Program

This authority entrusts Cofrac with the review and monitoring of applications for any test facility declaring that it applies GLP principles. Cofrac organises inspections and handles the recruitment of the inspectors and technical experts carrying them out. Terms of the GLP inspection programme from the GIPC The regulations for assessing conformity with GLP principles are specified in Cofrac document LAB BPL REF 05 , which presents and defines the various steps in the process of assessing the degree of conformity with the principles of good laboratory practices for test facilities, and specifies the rights and obligations of facilities recognised to be in conformity with these principles or those applying for this recognition.

Find an accredited organization. To be accredited. Road to accreditation. Healthcare and social work. Development of new biomedical products necessitates nonclinical safety assessment in animals as a means of assessing potential risk to human patients. Pivotal nonclinical safety studies that support human clinical trials are performed according to Good Laboratory Practice GLP guidelines, which are designed to ensure that the study was conducted under carefully controlled conditions using standardized and validated procedures that will yield a reliable, reproducible, and traceable data set.

The GLP guidelines established by different regulatory agencies address organizational structure, personnel responsibilities, personnel training practices, quality assurance ensuring compliance , facilities, equipment, standard operating procedures, study documentation record keeping , and record and sample retention. Academic institutions engaging in nonclinical safety assessment on-site have multiple options for implementing a GLP quality system. This article outlines the rationale supporting the use of a GLP-compliant or GLP-like quality system in academia and reviews key concepts needed to efficiently and effectively implement GLP in the academic setting.

Emphasis is given to provision of GLP-compliant pathology support as 1 pathology data are an essential component of GLP nonclinical safety testing, 2 familiarity with pathology-related GLP procedures typically is gained first outside the academic setting, and 3 microscopic pathology diagnoses and interpretations require special accommodations to ensure that they are undertaken in a GLP-compliant fashion.

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Laboratory procedures and good laboratory practices

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Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

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Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Labs must adopt these practices to ensure they are producing valuable test results, and each lab has its own set of approaches to staying compliant. For many labs, GLP starts with a simple task—keeping good records and being able to retrieve them when needed. I can show you what temperature our incubator was at 2 a.


Furthermore, every test at ProVerde Laboratories has a series of environmental blanks and quality control checks. Additionally, the staff perform periodic replicates and spiked replicates of samples.

Most of the procedures are modeled after the International Council for Harmonization ICH guidelines for good laboratory practices. Documentation is a huge part of the quality process—and being ISO certified. Another important factor in staying compliant has to do with having a competent and properly trained staff.

At ProVerde Laboratories, extensive training is coupled with generation of training records. Additionally, the employees participate in expertise testing through Emerald Scientific, an organization that facilitates proficiency testing for the cannabis industry by sending challenge samples to participants. Challenge samples are distributed to labs throughout the country that participate in the testing.

The results are then fed back to Emerald Scientific, whose staff conduct statistical analysis on the data. That, according to Hudalla, is a method of comparing their laboratory abilities relative to other labs in the country. For many labs, major noncompliance tends to be rare. When it does happen, however, the organization must put forth corrective processes to ensure they comply with ISO standards and are back on the path of GLP compliance. Our next step is to make a plan, which often involves the customer.

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