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Publishers counted on the fact that most book buyers would walk in, find the book they wanted, then browse around and emerge with two books. Amazon has changed everything in the last five years. Unlike the bookstore scenario, when readers download eBooks, they are much less likely to purchase more than one book. Imagine how it will feel to achieve accelerated results and rapid, lasting change!

She helps writers just like you align their inner processes with their outer practices to access and express your inspired ideas easily and predictably. KitFurey WholeMindMastery.

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After being published and then rejected by the industry back in , writer Bella Andre decided to self-publish her next romance book. Today, Andre has self-published four million romances. Talk about pressure! But what I noticed is that they are sharp cookies, schooled in human behavior and highly skilled in emotional intelligence even before the book by Daniel Goleman was published in Thirty years ago, Harlequin had a few categories: historicals, contemporaries, mysteries, adventures and comedies in various lengths.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Clairvoyance and Occult Powers, by Swami Panchadasi

Today there are holiday romances, medical romances, romances about various religions, multicultural romances, paranormal, and now the historicals include Medieval, Viking and Native American. But what is it that really sets romances apart from other books? Yes, our real world is filled with murders, shootings, wars and criminal mischief, but our TV news, TV shows, movie screens and books are disproportionally filled with such dark matter. What sets romances apart from, say, thriller or mystery writers, is that these authors are writing about love, and as they write about love, the feeling of love flows through them.

They are running love through their energy bodies, emotional bodies, mental bodies and physical bodies as they plot how to get the lovers together, how to engineer that first kiss and then those dramatic complications that keep the two apart. This makes romance writers jobs even harder. For so long what these writers create has been made fun of and dismissed as pulp.

But from romances about prehistoric tribes to those taking place on interplanetary stars, we all desire a good love story, because love is the glue that warms our hearts and makes all of the things we must do in life worthwhile.

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Concentrating on a satisfying love story every once in awhile can be good for the heart—and soul. Although 14 out of the 20 hours they filmed was destroyed, from the remaining six hours of footage modern filmmakers have made this documentary.

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They added three fictional cameramen who were heard but not seen narrating the action in English. And they told the story of the City of Warsaw preparing for the German invasion that started August 1, A daring choice the director made was to colorize the footage so it would be more relatable and emotional for the modern viewer. I was surprised to find that the producer was at the theater to answer questions, and I hope his presence in L.

What a thrill! Plus he gave each of us a DVD of the film. Incredibly, at the end of the film, in the credits, they listed actual people that were filmed, identified either by the survivors themselves or their families. Some of the survivors in their 80s and 90s even watched the first showing of the film in Poland. And one couple shown getting married in the movie now lived in the U.

After watching these real live people making homemade bombs, laughing and eating soup together and running across the streets trying not to get shot at, it was hard to see this as just something that happened 70 years ago to another generation on another continent. Imagine your city as a chessboard, with a foreign army holding certain sections of the city, and they executing large groups of civilians as airplanes routinely drop bombs, causing blazing fires.

What would it feel like to be so brave and then slowly lose all hope? The following day after I watched the movie, I meditated and sent all of those souls, dead or alive, love. I could not send them safety or security, which they had needed the most, but I could send them love and gratitude for what they had been through, and for the resistance and the bravery they showed the world. Reports that say. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.

For instance: Is your doorbell broken when opportunities could be knocking? Are your brake lights out? Like Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids, driving around with no brake lights can cause a world of hurt. This also popped into my mind when I was driving on the freeway behind an old car from the 30s sporting dull gray primer and no brake lights. These two instances reminded me of being aware and being thorough. We probably should all check our doorbells and our taillights from time to time.

It could be the piece needs a little spicing up; livelier verbs can make it feel more active and alive. Editors deal with pacing and the rhythm of sentences. Sometimes, for instance, turning a sentence around so the back is in the front can make a big difference, or using lyrical words or phrases can make it sound more beautiful. The need for editing is universal. You can go out into the world with the confidence and pride of a job well done. There is no room for ego when it comes to turning your work over to an experienced eye! The undertow can get you at any time and drag you out to sea, resulting in a big scare, a good pummeling by the waves or even sudden death.

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Unfortunately, what you are looking for will find you! Unexpected downers in life can always happen, but time and the advantage of a higher perspective will make sure that:. There are so many sad stories out there in novels, on TV and in movies. I want to feel uplifted by a film, not depressed the next day. The opposite thing we do instead of drowning in downers is looking at the lives of others, especially on Facebook, Huffpost or in magazines, where impossibly cool stuff continually happens to certain lucky people.

I see this in the world of entrepreneur business coaches. If you look back, you will find some events that were custom built for you: divine pairings, precious encounters and awe-inspiring places. Now that we are enlightened enough to realize that what we think and feel creates our reality, we can spend some time reframing our lives. Do yourself a favor. Get out a piece of paper and write down all your joyful experiences.

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Spend some time thinking about the priceless events that have occurred in your life and why you feel thankful and lucky to be you. By recapturing your shining moments, you will actually be creating more of them. I am represented by Gotham Ghostwriters, which puts out a newsletter every Monday. The books I work on: Self-help, health and memoirs are not exactly Forbes business books material, so they have much more room for your personality and a fresh spin on these topics.

He wants you to be practical but also move out of your comfort zone. So many of us are modest—too modest—so by admitting what our greatest dream of success actually could be helps crack that window open for success to flourish. And yes, everyone has a soul and everyone has experienced strife, heartache and turmoil, and they deserve compassion. Sharing from your expanded mind and heart is a gift; it is true sharing at its finest. Do I agree with everything Nelson says?

Pushing the boundaries of creativity is exciting and many bestsellers have done this. The books I work on: self-help, health and memoirs are not exactly Forbes business books material, so they have much more room for your personality and a fresh spin on these topics. Should Hachette cave and negotiate smaller profit margins with Amazon, the rest of the traditional publishers are expected to fall in line.

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Rowling and Michael Connolly, according to Entertainment Weekly magazine, and they previously delayed deliveries of other Hachette books. In all fairness, Hachette authors had to go through the usual publisher smell test, finding an agent, getting accepted for a book deal and all those hoops that traditional publishing requires. Barnes and Nobles, once the heavy, is now the lone wolf of the major bookstores, once the victor now the victim. And the publishers who had all the power are now facing huge overhead and a new enemy. To have a coffee while perusing books at Barnes and Nobles, to roam the dusty stacks at an indie bookstore, and to have the right to publish with traditional publishing companies and have your books bought online without becoming the victim of a shakedown.

Writers, authors and publishers are thinkers, they are oftentimes hopeful people with conscience who want to contribute to the common good, entertain and push boundaries with edgy ideas and characters.

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When she won bronze, I was so happy for her. In a competition that always seems to invite controversy between grace vs. The men were under huge pressure to jump and every single one of them fell, some disastrously. The women were all steady on their skates and so wonderful! So, how to balance the joy of writing with the jumps?