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Valerie's speaking voice is performed by Barbara Pariot, and her singing voice is performed by Patrice Holloway , sister of Motown recording artist Brenda Holloway. She was played by Rosario Dawson in the live-action film. Hayley Law portrays her in the CW series Riverdale. Rich, temperamental, and cowardly, Alexander is the Pussycats' shifty and not-too-dependable manager. He often gets the group in hot water because of his crazy promotional schemes.

Alexander wears sunglasses often and likes to flaunt his wealth, typically dressing in flamboyant and expensive clothing.

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In the comics, Alexander is reminiscent of Reggie Mantle. He has a crush on Josie and often tries to divert her attention from her boyfriend, Alan M. He is blunt and critical towards Alan M. Occasionally, Alexander will take an interest in Melody, particularly when Josie is unavailable. The interest seems genuine, since, unlike other boys, who fall helplessly in love with Melody at first sight, Alexander tends to remain composed around her. Alexander's personality is markedly different in the animated series; he is much friendlier, though no more dependable and far more cowardly than his comic strip alter ego.

In this context, he most often serves as a comedic foil for Alexandra's constant scheming. The animated version of Alexander also exhibits no romantic feelings towards Josie, tends to gravitate towards Melody or Valerie, depending on interpretation, and is very similar to Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo. The animated depiction of Alexander was voiced by Casey Kasem , who also voiced Shaggy. Alexander was played by Paulo Costanzo in the live-action motion picture.

Alexandra is technically a supporting character, but often overshadows the rest of the cast in both the comics and the cartoons. Whether she is older or younger than Alexander is debatable, as she has called him her "baby brother" and he has called her his "baby sister". Alexandra has black hair with a white lightning-bolt shaped stripe running through the middle of it, giving her ponytail a slight impression of a skunk's tail.

In contrast to the good-natured girls in the Pussycats, Alexandra is cynical, hateful, mean, offensive, rude, envious, scheming and self-centered. She is insanely jealous of the Pussycats, especially Josie, about whom she never has a kind word. Despite having no vocal or musical talent at all, although being quite a good dancer, Alexandra desperately wants to be a star; her conditions for joining the Pussycats were that she be made the lead and that the band be renamed Alexandra's Cool Time Cats.

Her absence of musical talent is on display at the end of the episode "Swap Plot Flop", when she gets the chance to front her own act; Alexander is particularly distressed by the crazy performance. Alexandra has an enormous crush on Alan M. In the comics, although she is not particularly fond of her brother, Alexandra often joins forces with him to separate Alan M. Alexandra's personality in the cartoon is largely unchanged.

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Sebastian is a tuxedo cat , and Alexandra's sidekick. In the comics, Sebastian is the reincarnation of Sebastian Cabot, a witchcraft-practicing ancestor of the Cabot family. However, this plot device was seldom used and was eventually dropped. Alexandra was later shown to be able to cast spells on her own. In the cartoon, Alexandra and Sebastian do not have magic powers but they still have their white stripes. Alexandra's voice in the cartoons is provided by former Mouseketeer Sherry Alberoni , while Don Messick supplies the meows, screams, and Muttley -esque snickers for Sebastian.

Alexandra was played by Missi Pyle in the live-action Josie and the Pussycats movie, while Sebastian does not appear in the live-action film. Alan M. Mayberry known as "Alan M. He is also Josie's on-off boyfriend, but Alexandra is constantly trying to win a date with him. In the comics, he replaced Josie's former boyfriend and Alex's former rival Albert. In his first comic book appearance, the creators tried to give him and Alex their own band, The Jesters, but it did not last beyond one issue, and the comic took a different direction.

Though Alex looks down on Alan M. Despite being one of the six main characters, he appeared less often in the comics in the s onward. In the cartoon series, he plays the role of the self-appointed group leader, similar to that of Fred Jones from Scooby-Doo and perhaps not coincidentally does bear some resemblance to him as well. His and Alex's characters were changed in an attempt to recapture Scooby-Doo' s success.

He was played by Gabriel Mann in the live-action film. Directed and co-written by Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan , the film is loosely based upon the comic and the Hanna-Barbera cartoon. The film is about a young all-female band that signs a record contract with a major record label , only to discover that the company does not have the musicians' best interests at heart. The Archie Show , produced by Filmation Studios , was not only a hit on TV, [ citation needed ] but spun off a radio hit as well the Archies ' song " Sugar, Sugar " hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot chart in September and went on to be Billboard' s number one "Hot Single" of that year.

The show aired 16 episodes during the television season. In the television season, the show was re-conceptualized as Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space and aired another 16 episodes. They are high school students who are dedicated to perfecting the "Pussycat" brand.

Ashleigh Murray portrays Josephine "Josie" McCoy, named for Josephine Baker , whose father is a jazz musician and wishes his daughter played more serious music. Her mother is Riverdale's mayor. All three of them are African-Americans. Josie would later emigrate to the spin-off series Katy Keene as an adult, with Murray reprising her role.

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