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When on the 18th of March Field Marshal Radetzky , feeling that the position of the Austrian garrison was untenable, sounded the rebels as to their terms, some of the leaders were inclined to agree to an armistice which would give time for the Piedmontese troops to arrive Piedmont had just declared war , but Cattaneo insisted on the complete evacuation of Lombardy. Again on the 21st, Radetzky tried to obtain an armistice, and Durini and Borromeo were ready to grant it, for it would have enabled them to reorganize the defences and replenish the supplies of food and ammunition, which could only last another day.

Twenty-four hours of victuals and twenty-four hours of hunger will be many more hours than we shall need. This evening, if the plans we have just arranged should succeed, the line of the bastions will be broken.

Fabio Minazzi - il problema dell'unità d'Italia dal punto federalista di Carlo Cattaneo

At any rate, even though we should lack bread, it is better to die of hunger than on the gallows. He bitterly attacked Cavour for his unitarian views, and for the cession of Nice and Savoy. In Garibaldi summoned him to Naples to take part in the government of the Neapolitan provinces, but he would not agree to the union with Piedmont without local autonomy. After the union of Italy he was frequently asked to stand for parliament, but always refused because he could not conscientiously take the oath of allegiance to the monarchy.

In the pressure of friends overcame his resistance, and he agreed to stand, but at the last moment he drew back, still unable to take the oath, and returned to Lugano, where he died in As a writer Cattaneo was learned and brilliant, but far too bitter a partisan to be judicious, owing to his narrowly republican views; his ideas on local autonomy were perhaps wise, but, at a moment when unity was the first essential, inopportune. Mario, Carlo Cattaneo Florence, ; E.

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Zanoni, Carlo Cattaneo nella vita e nelle opere Rome, ; see also his own Opere edite ed inedite 7 vols. Cattaro occupies a narrow ledge between the Montenegrin Mountains and the Bocche di Cattaro, a winding and beautiful inlet of the Adriatic Sea. This inlet expands into five broad gulfs, united by narrower channels, and forms one of the finest natural harbours in Europe.

Teodo, on the outermost gulf, is a small naval port. Cattaro is strongly fortified, and about troops are stationed in its neighbourhood. On the seaward side, the defensive works include Castelnuovo Erceg Novi , which guards the main entrance to the Bocche.

Cattaro is divided almost equally between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox creeds. It is the seat of a Roman Catholic bishop, with a small cathedral, a collegiate church and several convents. The transit trade with Montenegro is impeded by high tariffs on both sides of the frontier. Foreign visitors to Montenegro usually land at Cattaro, which is connected by steamer with Trieste and by road with Cettigne.

The railway from Ragusa terminates at Zelenika, near Castelnuovo. There are many interesting places on the shores of the Bocche. Castelnuovo is a picturesque town, with a dismantled 14th-century citadel, which has, at various times, been occupied by Bosnians, Turks, Venetians, Spaniards, Russians, French, English and Austrians. There is a Benedictine monastery on a small island opposite to Perasto Perast , 8 m. Perasto itself was for a time an independent state in the 14th century. About this Item: Mondadori, Milano, Note da pag.

Indice onomastico leg. Published by Mondadori Ed.

About this Item: Mondadori Ed. A cura di L. I Classici. Verona, Mondadori Ed. Published by Torino, Einaudi From: Libreria Spalavera Verbania, Italy. About this Item: Torino, Einaudi, Published by Giulio Einaudi Editore From: Libro Co. About this Item: Giulio Einaudi Editore, Torino, ; br. Published by Milano, Mondadori, I Classici Condition: Ottimo Fine. A cura di Luigi Ambrosoli. Ottimo Fine. Prima edizione First Edition. Published by Milano, Mondadori About this Item: Milano, Mondadori, Rilegatura editoriale in pelle nera, titolo in oro al piatto e decorato al dorso, sovracoperta editoriale, cofanetto editoriale illustrato.

Taglio superiore colorato e segnalibro. Ex libris ai contropiatti. Published by Bruxelles. About this Item: Bruxelles. Published by aux frais de l'editeur, Bruxelles From: Coenobium Libreria antiquaria Asti, Italy. About this Item: aux frais de l'editeur, Bruxelles, In 16, pp. Firma di poss.


L'insurrection Milan 1848

Leggera spelatura alla cerniera dell'ant. Non comune edizione abusiva condotta sopra l'originale Parigi, Amyot , di quest'opera nella quale il Cattaneo esalta l'impresa dei milanesi e mette in discussione l'operato del governo provvisorio del Casati. Seller Inventory 25 n. Published by Amyot, Paris From: studio bibliografico pera s. About this Item: Amyot, Paris, Copertina rigida. Condition: discrete. Prima edizione. Testo francese. VIII, Legatura successiva in mz. Esemplare in barbe, con segni d'uso ai tagli.

Leggere bruniture dovute al tipo di carta utilizzata. Minime chiose d'epoca a inchiostro. Si tratta della rara prima edizione della lucida analisi del Cattaneo sugli episodi salienti delle Cinque giornate di Milano, che lo avevano visto protagonista alla direzione del Consiglio di Guerra. La datazione dell'"Avant-Propos" dell'Autore, "Paris, 30 septembre " segnala che l'opera venne composta a Parigi, dove il Cattaneo si trovava, proveniente dall'esilio luganese, per incarico del Mazzini.

Caddeo, Predari segnala erroneamente come prima l'edizione francese di Bruxelles dell'anno successivo. Esemplare intonso a pieni margini con barbe; inevitabili segni del tempo alla brossura originale, ma complessivamente in ottime condizioni. Ristampato poi nel a Bruxelles in lingua italiana e ancora a Lugano nello stesso anno. Vismara, Bibliografia di Carlo Cattaneo, p. VII [1] Rara edizione originale. Item added to your basket View basket.

Proceed to Basket. View basket. Continue shopping. Results 1 - 27 of Search Within These Results:. L'insurrection de Milan e gli altri scritti dal al L'insurrection de Milan e le Considerazioni sul A cura di Cesare Spellanzon.

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Seller Image. Coop Cambiago, Italy Seller Rating:. L'insurrection de Milan en Cattaneo, Carlo Published by Il Polifilo Delhi, India Seller Rating:. L'insurrection de Milan en C. Tutte le Opere. IV: L'Insurrection de Milan e gli altri scritti dal al Cattaneo Carlo Published by Torino, Einaudi Collana "I Classici Mondadori".

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Serie "Tutte le opere di Carlo Cattaneo, a c. Tutte le opere di Carlo Cattaneo.

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