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It was re-released in 3D in Asia and America on its tenth anniversary. These Wreck-It-Ralph movies are so, so good. Better than they get credit for, even.

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They both tackle uncommonly meaty themes for all-ages audiences. The sequels dropped the ball over time, but the original is wildly inventive, action-packed and kinetic fun for the young and young at heart. It would be remiss not to mention the undisputed king of Netflix comedies. Want more Netflix movie recommendations?

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    What was your best day at AFI? Deciding which thesis films will go forward each year and which directors and which teams will form around these thesis films. Then the Fellows choose the 26 to 28 thesis films that they will make. So right now we are all very busy reading scripts and deciding which ones go forward. What are you working on today?

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    The participants shoot their films in July. The next few months will involve intensive Directing Workshop for Women activities.

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    We also have a faculty meeting this afternoon and it's exciting to see everyone together. What don't your colleagues know about you?