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Erin McCarthy. Slow Ride , the latest in Ms. The heroine is abrasive and has an unpleasant drinking pattern; the hero, an emotionally stunted man who enables her bad behavior. The profoundly aggravating Tuesday Jones is having a rough time. Her father recently died and she is unable to deal with her grief in any healthy way. The two begin sleeping together and then seeing each other.

Tuesday, rather than seeing this as a good thing, gets pissy with him. As with most alcoholics, she denies she has a problem until confronted with visual and verbal evidence. This exploration is mostly sub rosa with the surface action focusing on the growing passion between two people who are so different from each other.

I suspect their interaction is what most of us would love to have with the opposite sex! Knows what it feels like. The fact that she is so damn hot is neither here nor there. Just the thought of her is driving Diesel nuts, but he keeps being a gentleman…until Tuesday shows up in her riding outfit…complete with crop! Who knew it could be such a…tease?!

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The one who terrifies everyone. He is intrigued by the spit fire know as Tuesday Jones. He senses a like sadness in her and wants to help. Diesel and Tuesday start an exhilarating romance that sends sparks flying.

Neither can get enough of each other. But Diesel knows a good thing when he sees it and will pull out all the stops to make Tuesday see that what they have is real. Slow Ride is another winner for Erin McCarthy. Erin McCarthy is a writer that is an auto buy for me for her sexy, fun stories. She thought her dad would beat cancer like he did other incidents in his life; but finds it ironic that her father's favorite driver attended his burial; though he actually was there for his cousin Pete Briggs who died in a crash.

Diesel gives Tuesday solace as he says it will get better in time before limping away; showing the remnants of the wreck that broke his neck forcing him to retire. At a wedding in which she is the maid of honor, Tuesday gets drunk. Diesel is there too so he takes her home as he understands that with her grief comes a special grace. They are attracted to one another, but the timing is off.

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She grieves her loss and fears the kind ex driver is a convenience while he has issues with his battered body and deaths in his family so is not ready for more than a fling. Neither can prevent the heated encounters, but both refuse to explore their feelings. The latest Fast Track romance see The Chase and Hot Finish stars two fascinating protagonists struggling with recent traumas. Whereas hers is emotional with her loss; his is emotional and physical with his losses.

Fast-paced yet tender, readers will enjoy going around the track with Diesel and Tuesday are our drivers. This snarky journalist does not want to show the world the soft woman inside hurting so badly. Diesel is also dealing with grief for his career and his dwindling family members. Diesel has problems sharing his feelings and is very laid back and Tuesday is more abrasive and is making mistakes with the way she handles her own feelings alcohol.

Flaws aside, Tuesday and Diesel's personalities match up very well together added to a very strong attraction and they decide to see where it takes them. Tuesday and Diesel are both a little commitment shy but are too happy together to let it bother them too much. But avoiding conversations about their little problems lead to larger problems and they are both a little fragile at this point in their lives.

Tuesday's grief is real. And her drinking problems were real as well. It does not start off with a bang and problems that arise because of her actions are well explained and understood. She just lost a parent that meant a great deal to her and she is not sure how she is supposed to be reacting and kind of loses herself.

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Diesel is no stranger to pain, both physical and emotional. His mother left him with his Aunt and Uncle when he was young. His brother and cousin basically another brother are dead. He cannot drive anymore professionally due to his injuries from a career ending wreck recently.

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They needed each other. They have a lot of chemistry, out of the sheets and in. They have real problems, but not the kind that hurt each other. Just communication mostly- which worked with the story so well since they both had so much to get through emotionally that anymore drama or misunderstandings would have ruined the couple. The big climax that brought the couple to the boiling part was a little heartbreaking.

The issues were all brought out into the open and I loved that the couple did not forgive and forget right on the spot. And for Fast Track fans waiting for updates on previous drama for certain other FT couples, the wait is over!

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You do not want to miss this installment! Joey44 More than 1 year ago Tuesday Jones is a gossip blogger for the stock car racing scene who meets retired stock car racer Diesel Lange.

Neither want to commit to a relationship so plan on one or two dates. They are both surprised when they want more of a relationship. Slow Ride is a bit different from the previous Fast Track books in that this one doesn't take place at the track but is more about the relationship and personal demons of Tuesday and Diesel. I loved this book for the third or so but then it became less interesting with Tuesday's depression and constant drinking when she was feeling down. I have read and liked all the Fast Track novels before this one and thought this was going to be just as good as the others but I must admit that I was disappointed in the last half of the book.

There were a lot of sex scenes in this novel which were well done but seemed to take place instead of having a plot to the story.