Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian: How to Live in Victory and Retake the Land

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There he was apparently diagnosed with CM and at the time Mr Sherman reported to the team that the treating doctor had stated that Mr Wallis was in a coma and might die or suffer brain damage as a result of the parasitic infection. However, Mr Wallis was treated by competent medical practitioners and subsequently recovered without apparently acquiring brain damage, although subtle cognitive impairment may have been evident if he had the luxury of neuropsychological assessment after his recovery. The YWAM team were encouraged to participate in around-the-clock intercession for Mr Wallis that focused on 'binding' the spiritual powers that were allegedly behind this calamity.

They no doubt took this approach as their view of the world and medicine would have been fairly simplistic if based on the teaching of fundamentalist Pentecostalism; remembering that Mr Sherman is a graduate of the Assemblies of God Bible College, Springfield MO.

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However, for Mr Sherman to infer that the malarial infection was the result of an attack by unchallenged spiritual powers that ruled PNG at the time is entirely without foundation and fanciful to say the least. To also claim that Mr Wallis's recovery was a result of these powers being challenged and defeated through our prayers is also entirely conjecture.

It is purely Mr Sherman's assumption and not based on scientific reality or sound theology. It is well documented that many individuals with cerebral bacterial infections of various types respond to prompt treatment. Even though there is a risk of permanent brain damage, many of the afflicted recover most, if not all of their brain function, albeit sometimes many months after their illnesses remit. To witness a full recovery is not unheard of in the case of CM, nor is it rare, as long a treatment is dispensed with haste.

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What concerns me is that Mr Sherman's philosophy about spiritual powers that "never take a day off" is taught as implicit fact to Ywammers in their various training courses. Regrettably, it no doubt instils some level of anxiety in otherwise healthy young people who may have gone about their lives living and loving without getting hung-up on a hypothesised eternal spiritual battle that rages even when they are asleep or trying to sleep!

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It also instils an erroneous view of cause and effect relationships of both personal and international events. Is it that people like Dean Sherman have little or no insight into the potential long-term detrimental effect that their theses have on the thinking, emotions and behaviour of impressionable young people? A more rational and balanced scientific and theological approach is certainly preferable; one that at the same time promotes the mental health of young YWAM participants, as well as providing them with training in objective critical analysis?

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Wouldn't it be so refreshing to see someone recant and admit that what they have been preaching all their life is basically poppycock? However, I have seen little of this in my lifetime and believe that the inability to change is intrinsically linked to either ego protection or otherwise deep-seated insecurity about letting go of childish fables.

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It is my view that the David Wallis event in PNG in was more attributable to the lack of training of early YWAM leadership, the hostile environment that was inevitably encountered in such a tropical location, as well as the wonders of modern medicine that provided treatment with chemotherapy quinine in this case to kill the parasitic infection, along with adjunctive pharmacology. Yes, Mr Wallis was very lucky to survive, as death was likely to have occurred if he had not received immediate treatment.

However, I suggest that thanks for his survival can be given to the education and human intelligence of hospitals and their staff; and thanks be to god if you so wish for exercising longsuffering with human failing that left team members totally unprotected in the first place!

But please, please leave out the fanatical leap into the irrational world of spiritual powers as proposed by Mr Sherman in this book, a proposal that is well beyond the pale of what is taught by most rational thinking theologians.

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It is unnecessary and entirely spurious in my opinion. Posted by Robere at PM. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Wonder why I misspelled 'psuedocults' in my URL? Something having a level of hipness or edge that is of retro orient. Peter Wagner Discover how Jesus and the early Church overcame the enemy — and you can overcome too.

We live in a day when the Holy Spirit is speaking strongly to the churches about aggressively retaking the dominion over creation that Adam forfeited to satan. This level of spiritual warfare is a new ministry area to many Kingdom-minded believers. Spiritual Warfare Strategy provides a biblical and theological rationale as well as Along with sharing personal experiences and testimonies of people who have broken free from spiritual strongholds, she equips readers to distinguish between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness.

Join her in discovering how to effectively engage in spiritual warfare.

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Peter Wagner Spiritual warfare victory! Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare: Wrestling with Dark Angels is a compilation of keynote speaker presentations in an important symposium that was a public legitimizing of academic pursuits in fields related to the supernatural power of God both for local church ministries and for world In this follow—up to his first book, Spiritual Warfare, Richard Ing exposes the deceptions of Satan in order to further train and equip believers for the final global conflict to come, and provides hope and Designed to help you understand how to utilize the power of the Holy Spirit, the Spiritual Warfare Bible will help you engage in spiritual warfare against demonic strongholds and activity in order to experience positive change in your life and circumstances.

Elsie Clark This spiritual warfare book is a wonderful resource for those who are serious about their walk of victory. Apostle Dorothy Matthews, N. Elsie Clark because of her numerous books and spiritual warfare teachings across the years. She explains spiritual warfare strategically so you will gain absolute victory. This book will Their daily walk with the Lord and fight with Satan affects every aspect of their life: their personal victory, the state of their families, their interaction with the world around them, and their ultimate service and performance on earth.

Every Christian finds himself harassed and under the relentless hand of the enemy. Spiritual casualties surround us Perhaps you have never heard of spiritual gifts outside of their few appearances in the New Testament, or perhaps you are wondering how a concept to seemingly ancient is still applicable to you today. Spiritual gifts are important tools in battling and overcoming Satan, and God freely gives them to His followers. The church need not be ignorant any longer.

In Spiritual Phillips helps you confidently stand your ground and decisively defeat the enemy! Your complete This brilliant writer and gifted teacher traces how secularization has led to a loss of shame, pluralization has led to a loss of reason, and privatization has led to a loss of meaning. What could he do?

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Satan attempts to seduce Christians from rising to their full potential and to distract every human being from following God. Can Satan read my mind? Within the pages of this book are simple, no-nonsense, biblical answers that And then he will spoil his house. If God names them, they are