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This time of year might be known for blossoming flowers and new life but HERDER doesnt give a fuck and is ready to wipe it all from the face of this planet with a dirty grin! A record that marked an era and revolutionized the Basque rock of the 80s. Punk, Jamaican rhythms and committed lyrics made the album itself become the anthem of a generation.

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EH TXO! No matter who accompanies the Munich native on stage - whether a simple arrangement of her vocals and a guitar or piano, or a fuller arrangement of drums, double bass and her sister on backing vocals, the soul of her music never fails to connect straight to the hearts of her endearing audience. Henny Herz weaves the melancholy of folk with the lightness of swing and pop into bouncy guitar rhythms and fervent, expressive vocals.

It takes special skill to lead the audience to erupting applause with a repertoire as reposeful as herz. CZECH BIRD He studied composition and piano in Spain and later in Paris and Geneva. He moved to Milano in where he has developed most of his musical career.

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Juan Hidalgo played a leading role in definitively abandoning the traditional avant-garde musical research -the problem of music as sound- to devote himself to the musical fact as a search for a language that is creative and critical at the same time. Beyond the abstract notion that the language can be a source of indoctrination, words and language play an important role in the social construction of gender.

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The musical language also marks and generates a very particular type of social body and listening. Precisely, a change in the syntactic form of sounds would trigger a new listening and a new understanding of the world of sound that surrounds us. Silence and noise are not only two opposite poles within music, but also at a social level.

One-time vinyl edition of copies with the original inner notes by Daniel Charles and additional notes from Julio Prez and Eloy Palazn. Originally released on Cramps Records in Released digitally in June, Part I roamed like a blissed-out tiger across a colourful landscape of northern soul, electro pop and psychedelic cumbia.

The resulting album is a fun, summery mix of soulful, druggy beats recalling lo-fi indie dance gems from Primal Scream and Beck. The High Dials have an extensive back catalogue ranging across folk rock, power pop and melancholic post-disco. The album enjoyed a long chart run on Canadian campus radio and several of its songs feature in the Netflix series House of Cards. In , they returned from creative hiatus with the Foreverish EP.

Primitive Feelings is the High Dials' sixth album - an achievement in itself in an age of fast-disappearing attention spans and even faster disappearing guitars.

Right on point! Hailing from Norway, Hjelmeland is a singer, writer and a multi-instrumentalist and demonstrates a genre-hopping confidence that suggests an artist completely at ease with her identity. DAPEN BORN Poorly funded and inefficiently organized, the tour began a disaster and steadily got worse, with a motley successionof clapped-out coaches being the only transportation provided to the artists by the booking agency.

Eleven days into the tour and facing another tortuous mile road trip to the next venue on a freezing bus, Holly decided to charter a plane after their unscheduled appearance at ClearLake, Iowa. He and the two other headliners took off for Fargo, NorthDakota, in the teeth of a blizzard during the early hours of 3rd February Unlike black metal-influenced bands that fully embrace atmospheric post-metal, on Void Lustre, Hope Drone stays closer to black metal orthodoxy, relegating atmospheric and post-metal elements to a supporting role.

Its an approach that, subject to some minor criticism, works well, although it may miss the mark for listeners who are seeking a more deeply atmospheric or introspective album. Town and Country is the bands second studio album, released whilst on tour in the USA, and delivers an eclectic mix of hard rock and country focused songs as well as a cover of Buddy Hollys classic Heartbeat.

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This pastoral blend of acoustic folk-rock and blues-roots was unique to the musical conventions of this era. These recording are a complete departure from the rampant, heavier sounds of the bands first album, and certainly more grounded than their latter-day boogierock recordings.

Herein, Marriot, Frampton, Ridley and Shirley effortlessly produce a mature and dynamic hybrid of musical influences, proving themselves to be one of the most notable supergroups of the sixties. Their last album saw the band move into a more focused direction with earnest mid-fi production and added arrangements, while still keeping true to the bands knack for writing consistently catchy pop morsels. This album takes the band in a decidedly dismal and defiantly dark direction. It tackles topics such as death, sudden loss, divorce, addiction and these politically depressing times. The record is sixteen tracks of trash-pop that run the entire gamut of punk-rock-n-roll.

There are spacey leads, heavy sonics, slicing rhythms and generally gnarly sounds all tucked beneath The Hussys patented blanket of hook. This is the "new" heavier three-piece version of The Hussy, but the band hasnt lost any of its knack for a sugar sweet melodies. COAST SORRY TOWER Each part will be released separately, starting with the second one. At the origin of this distant dark source lies Tauca, an old Paleolithic lake located in Bolivia, where singer and guitarist Emmanuel Jessua has grown up, and continues to find inspiration for his musical endeavors.

This "extended" version of "Attraverso L'Involucro" comes packed along with the songs from their split 7" with Eu's Arse, their unreleased demos from and their contribution to the P. Pelagic is offering the only coloured-vinyl edition worldwide, ltd. OTROS Loads of damaged audio and otherworldy synth bubbles spread over 12 tracks. No need to look at your watch, time has become infinitive. A portmanteau of their family names, the "Land" of Inoyama hovers between imagined mythical space and concrete reality, extending beyond physical releases into installations, site-specific sound design and theatre scores.

After their famed Haruomi Hosono-produced release Danzindan-Pojidon, the duo became involved in the budding environmental music business that was taking shape in Tokyo during the development boom of the asset bubble - working directly with figures like Hiroshi Yoshimura with whom they developed sound design for the International Stadium in Yokohama and Takashi Sekiguchi Bamboo from Asia. CYCLE MORN While previous SDK releases exist with some of these songs, Dwid Hellion and Domenic Romeo completely re-recorded and overhauled entirely new takes on all material while offering up "Sweat Of A Nightmare" for the very first time.

Their latest move is the addition of saxophone player Luca Di Giammarco. His playing is smooth and soulful at times and aggressive as a hungry alligator when the band goes fast and hard. As a new edition to the band he plays on two of the songs, they each clock in at just under 20 minutes. Lucas has a few solo parts, they make me think of "a love supreme".

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Suddenly though the floor drops out and the band is on a tear, mad- ness, songs within songs. ROOMS In this show it's easy to see how and why he made such a vivid impression on the late's music scene with his mixture of punk, rock, pop, and classic styles. That Made Him Mad," and others. Rockin' with Wanda! Great songs and deep grooves, sprinkled with inspiration that is found when close friends, the band, and an audience create music with and for each other.

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Born in suburban Allentown, Pennsylvania in with a mixed european cultural heritage, Jarrett was a child prodigy that played piano at the age of two, appeared on television, aged five, and gave his first classical recital, aged seven. After studying at the prestigious Berklee college of music, he moved to New York in to perform at the Village Vanguard and then joined Art Blakeys Jazz Messengers.

Drummer Jack Dejohnette subsequently brought him into the Charles Lloyd quartet, resulting in european tours, and when that group disbanded in , Jarrett began fronting his own trio with bassist Charlie Haden and drummer Paul Motian, who are featured on his Vortex debut, Life Between The Exit Signs, but for the astonishing follow-up, Restoration Ruin also issued by Vortex that year , Jarrett plays every instrument alone, including drums, guitar, saxophone, harmonica and tambourine, as well as piano and organ. The result, Anak Ko, is some of Dutertes strongest work to date.

Anak Ko presents an exciting glimpse into Dutertes creative process and solidifies her undeniable progression as one of 's strongest and gifted songwriters. CROWN With arrangements and piano by Alfredo Linares, its a thrilling LP sought after by collectors and DJs not only for its hard salsa and instrumental "descarga" tracks but also because of the funky dancefloor cuts Enyere Kumbara covered by Quantic , INS-Rock and Estoy soda as well as the excellent original version of Las calenas son como las flores made famous later the same year by The Latin Brothers.

The combo featured the bandleaders funky, jazzy electric guitar, a hot rhythm section and the potent brass line-up of two saxophones and a trumpet. Their debut "Salems Wounds" was released by Century Media records with worldwide critical acclaim in , now it's time for a brand new album titled "Covenant" featuring Fabian Vestod Skinlab on drums.

This collection of 11 brand new songs rock with a fury and passion that is sure to make critics and fans take notice! HYPE RISE The mix of original songs written by Kelly and her longtime partner in crime, guitarist Perry Robertson, speaks truth to the issues of the day, from our political climate and world struggles to tender matters of the heart, real-life inspiration and tragedy.

We have also included his interpretation of the James Carr soul hit 'Dark End of the Street' which has Pat Kelly working over the same rhythm as 'How Long' but giving it a different slant with these fresh lyrics.

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Painted with a dark brush, at times very hard and heavy, but always brutally honest. GTWHR VOMIT No, this is not just an album that reproduces one of their crazy live-shows, it is much more than that!

This is a superbly designed picture disc that contains new interpretations of a variety of their songs, most of which you cannot find on vinyl anymore. The sound quality is just amazing and the energy on this record is electrifying.