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How to cook better, as it relates to you and me too. That is, taking a beginner or advanced beginner to good, restaurant quality. Sculpture in Context was set up in by sculptors whose aim was to work on behalf of fellow sculptors to provide space for exhibiting work of sculptors in venues outside of the normal gallery context. An invitation to an exhibition 'Sculpture in a Summer Garden', in the Burgon Gallery in London shifted a thought in my head to the status of an idea.

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It seemed there might be such a summer place here with long Maytime shadows falling from tall trees and Dublin's long with love acquainted paradoxes personified in wine glasses, soft lawns, music, and coloured dresses, as a background to half see sculptural forms inviting exploration. Though it was far from Dublin's gardens I was reared, and indeed far from forests, at the edge of the then bare, brown hills of Sliabh Luachra in West Limerick, I have always been beguiled by woodlands and by the civility of the east coast of Ireland, it's sheltering mountains to the west, its sun claiming the early morning sea and its English connection, rejected yet half-appropriated.

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  4. Sussuration.
  5. Perhaps, like most of us I have been 'enamoured by that impression of idyll' which the Italian poet Mario Luzi says 'the Anglo Saxon world gives to things of continuity and endurance' - anyway the idea demanded discussion. At a meeting of the fledgling Sculptor's Society the nascient idea fell on fertile ground. A small idea matched by other ideas became a dynamic.