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Yes, chances are fun! No, I need more to go on. I could see it happening. November Book Of The Month. Popular Authors C. Join Vanx Malic, Sir Poopsalot, and their unique crew of adventurers on a journey you may never forget. Vanx and crew have a few gem-seeds left to smash, but in usual Vanx Malic fashion, nothing goes as planned.

Strange powerful creatures lurk everywhere, especially beyond the Wildwood, where the mountain giants hold reign. But the giants are just one of many people who want to stop Vanx, and his friends. Will the Goss show them the way to save their world, or will the tiny spider lead them into a war against a terrible kingdom of ill fae who are clinging to a dead Heart Tree? Will the group be able to retrieve the final gem-seed and get it to the copse of Great Carpi Ultura, a cluster of identical trees near the kingdom of Highwander, or will the wretched fae who lost their tree, keep them from it.

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The Legend of Vanx Malic View the map. And what will happen on Dragon Isle.. Since he was no vagabond rapist he could only be charged with adultery. He was put in chains immediately. The duke had planned to keep Vanx around and work him to death, but through a family connection, the duchess made a healthy bid on his ownership.

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He sold Vanx to Amden for next to nothing. Obviously Amden hoped to fatten his purse at the slave market, and knew he had to restrain himself when punishing Vanx. Vanx knew this, too, and continually pushed his luck, thus, the afternoon nap. Vanx was no fool; far from it. He was young and looked even younger by human standards.

In truth, he was half-Zythian and half-human.

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He had the look of a young man in his early twenties. His shoulder-length shock of dirty blond hair, his brilliant sea-green eyes, and his rugged, yet symmetrical, face served to intrigue nearly every human woman he me t. His tall, well-muscled build was another reason they flocked to him. Vanx filled the skins, as ordered, and then studied the layout of the camp on his way back into it. The captain was having his men set up on the high sides of the narrow ravine they were now blocking.

The high side of the camp was most likely to be attacked by rock trolls, or the ever-territorial hill giants.

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The low side of the camp was where the slaves were pitching their tattered shelter. Vanx knew that if caravan bandits came, they would come from the low side.

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The haulers and their big, ore-laden haulkattens, the horses, and the foot travelers were all setting up camp in between. They would be relatively safe, surrounded by living and natural barriers on all sides. Vanx smiled, despite his pain.

It was a perfect setup for his escape. If he managed to get away undetected, which he was fairly certain he could do, he knew he had to beat the caravan guards to Waterdown Outpost.

Book 1: Through the Wildwood

That part would be easy if he got away clean and had most of the night as a head start. He had done some things with the haulkattens that might help his chances if he was chased, but one could never be sure about such things. Words could move faster than Vanx could travel to either place. Realizing this, he was reconsidering going to Waterdown at all, but to bypass the Kingdomguard Outpost meant traveling to the wild lands south of the river, or through the slightly tamer homesteads and orchard farms that were regularly patrolled by the Parydon Kingdomguard.

If he went south, he would try to steal a haulkatten. If he went north to Andwyn, by way of the homestead lands, only a horse would do. You know where the shovel is. He purposely found a place that was rocky and started digging. After a few moments he meandered back into the camp, drooping his shoulders as if he were still as tired as the others. His roughspun jerkin was laid open, as was his skin.

Through the Wildwood The Legend of Vanx Malic Book 1

It felt like a red-hot piece of iron was laid there. Amden was rearing back for a second lash when one of the foot travelers, a young girl in a hooded cloak, spoke up. Vanx had noticed, during the days of stumbling downhill, how she went out of her way to try to conceal her curvy figure with plain, unattractive garb. She never let her hood down for more than a moment. What surprised Vanx the most was that Amden obeyed her. The slaver stood seething, his narrowed eyes piercing Vanx, his whip dangling from a grip that clenched and relaxed then clenched again.

Vanx got his first glimpse of the lower part of her face and recognized her immediately. What is she doing on this trek?