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Derek Benfield later went on to appear in regular roles in The Brothers —76 and Hetty Wainthropp Investigates — He also enjoyed a successful career as a playwright. Ruth Boswell went on to adapt Catherine Storr 's novel Marianne Dreams , as the children's television serial Escape Into Night and produced the first season of The Tomorrow People —79; — Reviewing the first episode in The Stage , John Lawrence said, "I always feel wary of programmes that are announced as "science fiction" since too often the description is applied to something that uses wild and improbable events to jump gaps in otherwise badly conceived stories Judging by the first episode of ATV's new series, Timeslip , by Bruce Stewart, however, this programme looks like it might prove to be a welcome exception.

Timeslip has generally remained well regarded in the years since first broadcast.

A retrospective of the series in Dreamwatch magazine in concluded that Timeslip was "a series that demanded much of the viewer over 26 weeks and rewarded those who persevered". The remaining episodes exist as black and white telerecordings. Research for the documentary 'Timeslip: Behind the Barrier' revealed that only two episodes were recorded in black and white.

However, an extra scene for episode 25 had to be taped during the same recording session ultimately meaning that this episode was broadcast wholly in black and white. It is believed the original videotapes for the wiped episodes were wiped and re-used by Central in or 83 after they took over from ATV providing ITV programmes to the Midlands during an archive purge of programmes of their predecessors. At the time, these programmes were seen to have no commercial value and were deemed worthless. A comic strip version — which depicted several new adventures for Liz and Simon — appeared concurrently with the broadcast of the series in Look-In , a juvenile spin-off of the listings magazine TV Times.

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The comic strip was drawn by Mike Noble. It is visible on-screen in episode 6 of the series Tightrope on a rack of books. Each serial was issued as a double-pack videocassette. An independent documentary chronicling the making of Timeslip was produced in It was made by the owners of the official Timeslip website.

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Timeslip was first broadcast on Friday evenings at around pm in the ATV region with the other ITV regions broadcasting the series on the following Monday. The iconic opening titles for the series, using 3D lettering altered for each of the four stories, with the light source moving round the letters to give shadows reminiscent of a sun dial. A standard 2D graphic of the same type face was used for the 'End of Part One', 'Part Two' and the closing credit captions in all four stories.

In all cases, there was no consistency in the way the letter 'I' was arranged. It varied for each use, providing inconsistent 'logos' for the programme name. The first story's typeface used Westminster , a typeface designed for Westminster Bank to be used on cheques as it is very easily recognisable by optical character recognition.

When Three British Boys Traveled to Medieval England (Or Did They?)

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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What is a Time Bubble? You can't see it, of course, but it might help you visualise it to think of a balloon Supposing some little patch of information — some little patch of history — gets slowed down, and instead of flashing backwards and forwards it floats, gently, as if in a bubble Supposing you could get into that bubble — that bubble of history — and travel with it.

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Another view of timeslips considers them as analogous to slipped geological faults in Time , bringing different strata of history into geographical proximity. A similar geographical slip seems to occur in Robert Charles Wilson 's Darwinia , with Europe reverting in to a kind of Alternate History prehistoric ecology: in fact this Earth inhabits a Virtual Reality simulation which has become corrupted.


Several authors have played with the concept of minimalist timeslips which displace individuals very slightly in time, so that they are both part of yet subtly alienated from the present. The notion makes an earlier appearance, though to little effect, in the film Timeslip and — based on his script for this film — Charles Eric Maine 's The Isotope Man About us Contact.

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Set in , the series begins when a young girl disappears by a disused naval station. When two other children, Simon Randall Spencer Banks and Liz Skinner Cheryl Burfield go to investigate the station, they hear a strange buzzing sound, on getting nearer to the sound Liz disappears too, she reappears in the same naval station but it is night time.

When Simon Joins her, they eventually realise they have found a way into the past, or 'The Time Barrier' as it becomes known.

Whilst beyond the barrier, Liz's mother Jean Iris Russell finds she is able to keep a telepathic link to Liz, and senses when she is in danger. Always around, the mysterious Commander Traynor Denis Quilley , is very eager for Liz and Simon to keep entering the barrier, he wants to find out about secret experiments on a longevity drug. During their time in the barrier, Liz and Simon meet past and future versions of people they know, some of whom turn out to be clones made by Morgan C.